MLM Leads are They Good or Bad

MLM Leads are They Good or Bad?

MLM Leads are They Good or Bad?

MLM Leads Are The Good or Bad? Great question! The answer is not a simple yes or no. It’s like asking “hammers, are they good or bad?”

MLM leads are tools and I don’t mean the actual people are tools I mean the concept of mlm leads should be considered as tools. Tools which can make your home business building job much easier and faster. For the same reasons a builder uses a hammer.

OK lets start at the basics. Yes some mlm lead companies are better than others and provide better quality mlm leads. The things to consider when thinking of buying mlm leads is how fresh they are and how they were generated. Also how many times were they sold.

Another thing to look at is what information you get with the leads. Some lead companies will only give you the prospects contact information. That’s not all you need you want to know their motivation for looking at a home biz opportunity, how much time they can invest, how much money they can invest etc etc.

When you have your network marketing leads you should have spent some time with your upline getting as much training as possible. Seriously, this is where I see most new people fail. I know, they’re excited and want to get to calling and building their business.

Without training all they will do is blow the calls, get a lot of rejection and end up failing and quitting. A total waste of time and money.

The simple things needed are a proven phone calling script, practice and that will give you confidence.

Training is the difference between the 97% who fail at MLM and the 3% who make tons of money

Pretty sure you can do it if you just take the time to invest in yourself with some training.  You can get some pretty awesome mlm training right here

Hopefully this short article will keep you on the right track to success.

Don Reid
Apache Leads CEO/Founder

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