Mafia Game

Mafia Game

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a gangster?! This Mafia Game ain’t no stinkin’ wimpy Mafia Game

Mob Warrior is the brand new mafia game that will test your muscle. Do you have what it takes to grow from a gang warrior cut throat to a Merciless Mafia Warrior With All The Money, All The Guns and …. All The Women.

Get Onboard Now And Show The World Just How Tough You Are!

Mob Warrior is a new, different kind of turn based maifa game. It’s role play gaming (rpg) at it’s best because you get to give us input while we are in beta testing. Help shape Mob Warrior to make it better, in fact we want it to be the best most addictive mafia game ever!

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Mob Warrior will always be free to play! It’s a turn based game that you play in your browser. There is no need to download anything.

It’s a seriously cool adrenaline rush that takes balls and brains to win! Whimpy whinny weiners need not apply.

Step up and see if you have what it takes to grow your Mobster empire from nothing to full on Mob Warrior! Run your brewery, suck as much cash as you can out of your bars clients, attack your competitors and grind them down to being just a filthy stain on the sidewalk.

No mercy is given or expected in Mob Warrior, only the smartest and most courageous gangsters will win. Make sure you get your thugs trained in weapons, hijacking and demolition. This is going to help when you attack other players. Buy your thugs the best weapons possible. a favorite is the tommy gun. Read the full FAQ for game tips

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